Finding Adventure in New Zealand and Australia

By Frank Devine

Going to school in a foreign country gives you access to so many exciting new opportunities.  Never in a million years did I think would go bungee jumping, as it seemed irrational.  Skydiving was a definite maybe, because at least there you are attached to someone.  But bungee jumping? Absolutely not.

So how did I wind up jumping 134m into a ravine, bound at my ankles by a rope?  Good old-fashioned peer pressure.  One of my friends on the trip (fellow Clemson Tiger Nick Omeltchenko) wanted someone else to go with, and I managed to get talked into it after googling bungee jump horror stories for an hour without finding any (relevant) material.

Ultimately I’m glad I took the leap, as it remains one of my favorite moments from studying abroad.  If you happen to be in Queenstown, New Zealand then the Nevis Bungee is a must.  It was an absolute thrill, plus you will have an instant conversation starter with anyone you meet.  Honestly, how many people do you know can say they have gone bungee jumping?


The Nevis Bungee, ladies and Gentlemen.

In the event that bungee jumping is not your cup of tea, no worries.  There are a whole slew of other fun activities that you can do while abroad.  Other activities I did besides bungy jumping include:

  • Bridge climb
  • Hanggliding
  • Pet a kangaroo
  • Climb a glacier
  • Cave-rafting
  • Snorkel
  • Hiking
  • Bonfire on the beach

I also cannot forget to mention the regular beach trips to get our fill of Vitamin D.  Wherever your travels take you, there is plenty of fun to be had.  Get out there and start your own adventures!


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