Changing Your Course Work Approval Form While Abroad

By Jessica Mussro

Yes, people, it’s possible.

Before you went abroad, you spent a lot of time submitting, mailing, signing, and scanning paperwork, including the paperwork related to your classes. Sometimes, though, in spite of your best planning, there are curveballs.

Like arriving at the University of Strathclyde and finding out that your 10 AM class is actually full and you need to choose a new one… Or getting onsite for your IES summer program and learning that one of the Spanish courses is focused more on literature than conversation… Or discovering a surprise pre-requisite that you hadn’t seen before.

What the what?!

It’s okay. You can fix this. Really.

Remember filling out Clemson’s coursework approval form (CWAF)? Going from office to office on campus meeting professors, discussing what your abroad classes would “equal” on your Clemson transcript?


When course changes occur unexpectedly, you don’t have to wait until you get back to Clemson to edit your coursework form: you can update your coursework form while you’re overseas. Here’s how:

  1. Using the department advisor list, determine the point-person for the course you need to update or change:
  2. Email this professor explaining the change in your courses. Include a course description – and syllabus, if possible – of your “new course so that the professor can determine what its Clemson equivalent would be.
  3. Once you have a green light from the faculty member, you can do one of two things:
    1. Save the email and wait to get the faculty signature until you return to Clemson. Once you’re back at Clemson, print the email, meet with this faculty member to get their signature on the CWAF, and make the course change to the form.
    2.  Email the Study Abroad Office ( and ask for us to send you a scan of your coursework approval form. You can send this scan to the professor and ask for her/him to return it to us after make the course changes and add her signature. She will return the form to us, and we’ll keep it in your file. Because this option is done via email and scans of your CWAF, it can be completed while you’re abroad.

That’s it!

Remember: if you haven’t submitted the coursework approval form, you can complete it after you return to Clemson. However, without a CWAF you will not receive financial aid during your term abroad and it may take longer for your courses to transfer back to Clemson.

During your time abroad, there are curveballs and crazy course changes and things you could not have anticipated: don’t let them fluster you too much. You can do this. Just take some jumping pics in front of the Notre Dame and you’ll feel like a million bucks.



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