Buon Giorno Rome!

So you want to study abroad in Italy but you’re more of a big city person? Then Rome is the place for you!

As the political capital of Italy, Rome is home to approximately 3 million people, 900 churches, and its very own city-state—Vatican City. Not to mention, the monuments, basilicas, and artifacts found everywhere you turn. Rome is located on the Tiber River and also 24 kilometers from the Tyrrhenian Sea meaning seafood is popular on the menu. Rome is a big city, the 4th largest in the European Union in fact, but don’t be overwhelmed by it’s size—it still has the feel of a small Italian town.  A big city with a small town feel, historical sites a plenty, and abundance of things to do and places to eat….what more could you want in a study abroad destination??



            LdM: In addition to Florence, LdM also offers a program in Rome featuring a wide range of classes and clubs to get involved in.

            ISA: Classes will be taken at the American University of Rome with International students. Classes range from Art to Political Science and are taught in English.

            Check out the Study Abroad website or come into the office to learn about more programs in Rome!


            Is there anything better than Italian food? Not much. Rome is located near the Tyrrhenian Sea so seafood is popular on the menu in addition to the regular pizza, pasta, meats, and vegetable dishes. Gelato is also extremely popular and makes for a great mid-day snack coming home from class—you can get a good-sized cone for 1.80 euro! One of the most popular dishes in Rome is Carbonara—a pasta sauce made with pancetta, cheese, and egg—quite the combo but it is without a doubt delicious!



            There is an incredible amount of history packed into Rome but one of the coolest things is Vatican City being its own state within the city of Rome. Its size is approximately 110 acres and it’s home to the Sistine Chapel, St. Peter’s Basilica, the Vatican Museum, and the Apostolic Palace.  While we’re on the subject of culture, check out these helpful phrases!

Parla Inglese?: Do you speak English?

Non parlo Italiano: I don’t speak Italian

Non capisco: I don’t understand 

Permesso: Excuse me. (Used when you want to cut through a crowd.)

Prego: The response to ‘permesso’

Vada via!: Go away! (Used when people are bothering you)

Aiuto!: Help! (If Vada via! Is not effective.)

Come sta?: How are you?

Buon giorno: Good morning/afternoon

Buona sera: Good evening. (In Florence, ‘buona sera’ is used after 1 p.m.) 

Arrivederci: Goodbye


Things to Do:

What can’t you do in Rome? Visit Vatican City, throw a coin into the Trevi Fountain, take a night tour of the Colosseum, visit the Pantheon, or check out the daily markets in Campo del Fiori. Don’t forget to see a soccer game or sit on the Spanish Steps and people watch! You can also take a day trip to Pompeii, try pizza from its hometown of Naples, and climb Mt. Vesuvius!


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