Temples, Elephants, and Floating Markets

You’re deciding where to study abroad and many people immediately think of only Europe or Australia/NZ but have you ever considered Thailand?? If you haven’t, you certainly should!

The language may be difficult to learn and the food may be a little interesting but most importantly the people of Thailand are incredibly generous and respectful. The experience and knowledge you would gain by studying abroad in Thailand is one for the books. It’s a completely different lifestyle from the one we live and having the opportunity to see it firsthand is something you shouldn’t ever pass up!

TEAN offers a great study abroad program in Thailand where you live in Chiang Mai (you can even room with a local your age!!) and study at Chiang Mai University–one of the top universities in Thailand. Best yet, the orientation is unlike any orientation. Thai massages, elephant rides, shopping at local markets, all while meeting incredible people?! So much better than sitting in a classroom pretending to listen to someone speak while you’re actually playing Candy Crush or slowly falling asleep—face it, we’ve all done it. Check out the link right here to read more about their program http://www.educationabroadnetwork.org/thailand.html

Now onto the more exciting things, like everything you can do and see to immerse yourself in all that is Thailand!

The Grand Palace and Wat Prakeaw–the most famous landmark in Thailand


Phang Nga Bay–nothing like spending the day on the water or at a beach!


Floating Markets–what’s better than a regular market?? A floating market, of course


Doi Suthep–incredible views of Chiang Mai

Image   Image

Doi Inthanon National Park–hiking, waterfalls, and hill tribe villages


Baan Kok Sa-nga–aka King Cobra Village, home of snake breeders….what more do you need to know?


Surin–home of the Thai elephant, go for a ride!


Bangkok–home to Hangover II! But more importantly an awesome city with tons to offer visitors


Ayutthaya–ancient ruins that you can’t miss out on when in Thailand!


Phuket–the largest island in Thailand


Umpang Thee Lor Sue, Tak–if waterfalls are your thing, you have to check out this one!


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