Penguins, elephants, and sharks–oh my!

Over 7,950 miles away sits Cape Town, South Africa, a country with multiple identities, is the second most populated city in South Africa, and is full of arts, culture, people, and activities. Take on safaris, swim with sharks, spend your afternoons on the beach–all while getting class credit….why wouldn’t you want to study abroad in Cape Town??

There are many programs to choose from that will get you to Cape Town but here’s a few that we’ve highlighted!

IES Abroad: Semester, year, or summer options. Study at the University of Cape Town. Ability to complete 60 hours of volunteer work while abroad allows you to truly embrace the culture and the people. It’s also a resume booster and experience of a lifetime! Houses or Apartments. Field trips to Kruger National Park/Soweto and Garden Route are included!

CEA Study Abroad: This program is actually situated in Port Elizabeth (known as “the friendly city”) which is about 7 hours from Cape Town driving but flying to visit one or the other is an option! Semester, year, or summer options. Study at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University–the largest higher education institution in the Eastern and Southern Cape areas. Apartment housing.

AIFS Abroad: This program has you situated in Stellenbosch which is about 40 minutes from Cape Town by car. Semester, year, or summer options. Study at Stellenbosh University. Option to obtain Service Learning Certificate. Residence hall living but you have your own room and share amenities with 3 other students. Cultural activities and excursions included!

CIEE Study Abroad: Semester or year option. Must have 3.0 and be junior standing. Arts and Sciences Program. Study at the University of Cape Town. Independent research options. Field trips and cultural activities included!

ISA Study Abroad: Semester/trimester or year option. Choice of locationbetween Cape Town, Durban, Grahamstown, Port Elizabeth, Stellenbosch. In Cape Town study at the University of Cape Town or University of the Western Cape. Student Residence housing–single or double room, shared amenities. Excursions included!

Things to see and do while abroad in Cape Town

1. Robben Island- where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned


2. Take a cable car up to Table Mountain

table mountain cable car

3. Hang with penguins at Boulder Beach


4. Check out Bo Kaap, the Muslim neighborhood

bo kaap

5. Long Street- major street filled with shops, bars, and restaurants!


6. Greenmarket Square

green market square

7. Hike Devil’s Peak–about a 4 hour hike

devils peak

8. Visit one of the many beaches!

o beach t beach st james beach

9. Check out the elephants at the Addo Elephant Park


10. Swim with sharks…..

shark swim

11. …..or ride an osterich!

osterich ride

Have you been to Cape Town before? If you have, be sure to let us know some other great things you did there!

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